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Air Plants “Tillandsia”

Tillandsia air plant

Let’s take a closer look at air plants, known as “Tillandsia”

  • Air plants do have to be watered
  • Air plants are plants non-toxic to animals and harmless to a host tree
  • It will not harm the plant if you trim away brown, damaged leaves
  • The root system can be removed
  • Air plants produce ‘pups’ which mature and bloom. You should have blooms each year as the pups mature
  • Depending on the species, air plant flowers can last several days to many months
  • Most Tillandsia bloom naturally in late winter through to mid-summer

How do you care for air plants

Where to plant air plants – Air plants like bright and indirect sunlight. Direct sun is not recommended so opt to rather keep your air plants under fluorescent office lighting or a shaded patio. Some varieties can handle some early morning sun – this will allow them to “blush” (change colour) before they bloom!


Watering – Although they can survive for long periods of drought, they need water to thrive. It is best to either mist them or completely submerse them in water for a few minutes.

If you opt to mist air plants, do this three times a week by spraying the top and bottom of the plant and let the water run into the plant along the “leaves.”

After watering, the leaves should feel stiff and full of water. When in need of water, leaves will be softer to the touch and the plant will be lighter in colour. If you pull an outside leaf and if it comes off easily it doesn’t need water, if it’s tough it needs watering.